George's Restaurant

Where it's ALL about the food!!!!

"It's been said that location is everything in the restaurant business. Well, right under highway 10 on Perkins avenue, in a triangular-shaped building, is George's Bar and Grill. Now, for 30 years, it's been owned by Rodney Smokey and run by his longtime manager Tony Linata. The place is known for its character and it's colorful characters. I love the vibe and feel here, but what brought me to George's is their reputation for fried shrimp poboys and thin sliced fried catfish. Add some jalapeno cheese fries and I won't need to eat for a week. As they like to say down here, "oil", only in Louisiana. Good night!" IMG953194 IMG953193 IMG953191 IMG953189 IMG953187 IMG953184 IMG953182 IMG953180 IMG953174 IMG953173 IMG953171 IMG953166 IMG953161 IMG953156 IMG953155 IMG953153