Mama's Boy

Mama’s Boy is a locally owned modern diner located on the Greenway in Athens, Georgia, which serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and catering to your next event. - Seven years ago, two friends Alicia Segars and Cooper Hudson, who had both worked in the restaurant business for a long time, had a chance to open their own spot on the east side of Athens. It's called Mama's Boy. Now, the original intent was not to focus on breakfast, but three years ago they stopped serving dinners and it's become the go-to spot for my favorite meal of the day. The theme here is Southern fun dining, and I went with a potato hash with smoked pulled pork. It's topped by two poached eggs and a Carolina fire hollandaise sauce. But the kicker for me here, a menu item that reminded me of my favorite Bill Cosby routine, "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast." IMG953011 IMG953013 IMG953017 IMG953022 IMG953024 IMG953027 IMG953032 IMG953036 IMG953040 IMG953043 IMG953048 IMG953053 IMG953054